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Big Panels and Big Data: A new paradigm for cross-media panels

Media currency, and the measurement systems that feed it, have always been more a function of what's possible, than what marketers have wanted.  The goal for marketers has always been to sell more product, or more service, or drive higher prices for their product or service.  Media currency, on the other hand, has always focused on delivery.  Marketers buy access to a group of people, defined by demographics, and pay their distribution channels based on that delivery.

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Welcome to the Reinvention of Cross-Media Measurement.

In the midst of incredibly dynamic change in media consumption, how did it happen that approaches to media measurement and advertising effectiveness seem to be stuck in a time warp? The top measurement companies are tied to the media they are best known for measuring, with decades of infrastructure supporting the tracking of television, radio, print, outdoor and online. Their approaches to measuring these media are proven and considered the currencies for the buying and selling of advertising.

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This weekend I watched two events that were enhanced by having my tablet on my lap while viewing. The first was the Sochi Opening Ceremony, where I was thoroughly entertained by the commentary on Twitter. I can’t believe how fast people started selling the “Olympic Ring Fail” t-shirt. The second, was the midseason premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which I viewed along with many Facebook friends – they really love to hate Carl!

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