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The Grandma Definition

Everyone has to have a “Grandma Definition”:  The way you explain what either you, or your company, do for a living.  This is particularly important for those of us whose jobs are taken up by some combination of email, conference calls, and various MS Office products.  One of the Grandma Definitions I’ve used for Symphony Advanced Media is “capturing what people are doing while they watch TV.”  Earlier blogs and commentary by my colleagues have described how mobiletaskers use social media, games, and texting apps while watching TV.  This data started me thinking: Are there apps that are primarily used in front of the TV?  And are there apps that are primarily used away from the TV?

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Welcome to the Reinvention of Cross-Media Measurement.

In the midst of incredibly dynamic change in media consumption, how did it happen that approaches to media measurement and advertising effectiveness seem to be stuck in a time warp? The top measurement companies are tied to the media they are best known for measuring, with decades of infrastructure supporting the tracking of television, radio, print, outdoor and online. Their approaches to measuring these media are proven and considered the currencies for the buying and selling of advertising.

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