Welcome to the Reinvention of Cross-Media Measurement.

In the midst of incredibly dynamic change in media consumption, how did it happen that approaches to media measurement and advertising effectiveness seem to be stuck in a time warp? The top measurement companies are tied to the media they are best known for measuring, with decades of infrastructure supporting the tracking of television, radio, print, outdoor and online. Their approaches to measuring these media are proven and considered the currencies for the buying and selling of advertising.

But something else happened on the way. Media consumption fundamentally and irrevocably changed. Consumer control, the proliferation of mobile devices, and simultaneous “always on” media consumption is now the rule across virtually all demographic groups. The old guard companies are moving as quickly as they can to “fuse” various data sources together in an effort to create unduplicated reach and frequency for cross-media consumption. But most advertisers and researchers are skeptical—what’s needed is a dramatically new approach, born out of today’s new media consumption realities.

Technology is driving change in media consumption like never before and the need to provide the industry with true comprehensive insights on cross-media consumption and ad performance is critical. This is why Symphony Advanced Media has set the table for an entirely new approach to cross-media measurement. Among other advances, we’ve created  single- source mobile-based panel and app technology that enables us to track TV, online, mobile and social on—literally—a second-by-second basis. Passive tracking technology gives us the ability to generate insights that haven’t been possible before.

We’re now able to answer some of the toughest questions out there–for example, what is the relationship between heavy social media involvement and consumption of TV, online and mobile? Is the simultaneous viewing of TV and mobile phone usage good or bad for advertisers? Or, what can cross media consumption profiles tell you about what products people buy?

In the coming weeks and months, come to this section of our site to see examples of penetrating insights that are the by-product of our unique approach to cross media measurement and ad performance.

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