Our reporting products

Our reporting products are tailored to the most common market needs in the media consumption industry.

VideoPulse, our flagship reporting product

VideoPulse is the first single source TV multi-platform measurement service for advertisers, agencies and media companies.
We are the only company that has been able to crack the code on single source, passive cross-media measurement. At a time when advertisers are seeking to reach consumers via the continuously fragmenting TV ecosystem. VideoPulse captures and provides in-depth insights into consumer media usage in real-time from over-the-top (OTT), video-on-demand (VOD), digital video audiences (Web, app, and gaming devices), DVR and linear TV.
Our Video Pulse technology can now track the cross-media, cross-platform behavior of consumers in the fastest growing mode of TV and video viewing, allowing the market to extend beyond the current industry accepted norm of Live viewing plus 7 days ratings. Our research has found that almost 25 % of TV viewing is occurring beyond seven days after original broadcast via the usage of DVRs, VOD and OTT devices.

“Our industry has been disadvantaged by legacy measurement approaches that have failed to evolve with consumers’ increasing use of media platforms,” said Liz Huszarik, Executive Vice President, Warner Bros. Media Research & Insights.

“We are hopeful that by working with Symphony Advanced Media’s VideoPulse that we can capture an accurate picture of consumers’ total TV/video usage across platforms and devices, with a transparency that’s been missing from other vendors.”

VideoPulse, insights that outperform

A reporting product that answers and goes beyond.

  • The market lore is that TV audiences are shrinking. Is this true or is this an outcome of current media measurement constraints?
  • What is the impact of streaming originals on traditional TV? What do we know about users of streaming services?
  • How do audiences and ratings build beyond Live+7? Which devices and platforms fuel the ratings growth beyond Live+7?

No other service can match the insights from the VideoPluse platform, which include:

  • Measurement Difficulties: Millennial TV viewership is said to have declined nearly 30 percent in the last five years since current research methods primarily include traditional viewing. Symphony Advanced Media’s research indicates that 25 percent of TV viewership is non-traditional viewing, so when including viewing beyond Live+7 and on OTT, the gap from the presumed loss of millennials’ viewing of traditional TV is nearly filled.
  • Binge Viewing’s Impact: Introducing a whole season’s episodes at once to promote binge viewing is a powerful new method of launching a television program.
  • Streaming Methods: Different demographic groups use different methods for time shifting television and watching it when and where they want. Within non-live viewing, Netflix accounts for 3.5 times more viewing time among 18-34-year-olds while DVR is three times larger than Netflix among 35-49-year-olds.

VideoPulse gains data insights through our cross-media methodology:

Linear TV

  • Live programming database includes 200+ national TV networks
  • Audio captured via ACR app (Audio Content Recognition) matched to live database
  • Live + 7 days viewing across 200+ national TV networks tracked

Mobile Phones, Tablets, and PCs

  • Streaming video and programming coverage across sites and apps of TV Networks, aggregators and distributors like Hulu, AT&T, Comcast
  • Viewing up to 35 days from live and top original shows tracked

Connected/Smart TVs & DVR

  • Non-Live database includes programming from top broadcast, cable and satellite networks, select prior seasons, and top original shows from SVODs
  • Audio captured via ACR app matched to non-live database
    Source of video viewing established via passive-data driven mobile survey for non-live viewing (as audio signature is same for any non-live viewing on TV glass)
  • DVR and VOD viewing up to 35 days from live and top original shows tracked

Powered by our MediaPulse analytics platform

VideoPulse™ is part of our MediaPulse Analytics Platform, which facilitates new approaches in cross-media measurement technology, including the creation of mobile app and PC based technology that leverages patented innovations in passively tracking simultaneous exposure to television, online, social and mobile media plus radio and cinema ad measurement. Our ad effectiveness survey methodologies to generate significantly more reliable test and control groups, resulting in heightened accuracy in lift metrics.


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Other SymphonyAM reporting products:

ConsumerPulse provides measurement beyond standard demographics, identifying cross device media usage among target consumer groups.

GeoPulse enables behavioral targeting based on retail visitation, ad optimization, and ROI measures based on brick and mortar foot traffic.

AdPulse passively captures ad exposure across screens, allowing optimization by platform, network, content, and frequency.