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At least 30% of viewing time is occurring beyond current currency among millennials.

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Note: Delayed viewing understated since more recent episodes have not yet been in data collection for full 35 days.

Source: SymphonyAM VideoPulse. Viewing 9/21/15-4/3/16. A18-54.
Current Broadcast, primetime series with Air Date 9/21-2/28/16.


Younger viewers are aggressively turning away from Live viewing. Both 18-24 and 25-34 year olds are spending nearly a quarter of viewing time on streaming (OTT) platforms.
As age increases, so does reliance on Live viewing. A55-64 were the only age group with more than half of viewing spent watching Live broadcast, primetime programs.
Viewing programs on DVR within 7 days of the TV telecast was relatively similar across age groups with ~35% of viewing time.

The launch of Orange is the New Black Season 3 drove a substantial dip in other TV viewing, among those watching during the premiere week.



Viewers watching any season of OITNB during the Season 3 premiere week, spent over 20% of TV viewing time watching OITNB the weeks of 6/8 and 6/15, and then returned to typical viewing levels after three weeks.
Total TV viewing among OITNB premiere week viewers increased by only 7%, indicating that viewers watched OITNB instead of other TV.

GeoPulse proved that Auto Intenders who saw the exclusive sponsorship of the reality show were twice as likely to visit the sponsor’s dealership.


An auto manufacturer needed to evaluate the effectiveness of sponsoring a reality show with the core KPI of increase in dealership visitation.


Identified auto intenders, determined who had an opportunity to see the brand’s sponsorship and monitored dealership visitation through geolocation data. Sponsorship exposure and dealership visitation were measured passively, with NO stated input from panelists needed.


Auto Intenders who saw the exclusive sponsorship on the reality show were twice as likely to visit the sponsor’s dealership than non-viewers.

How do Lifetime viewers differ from competitive networks?

Lifetime viewers are...
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…than viewers of competitive networks.

Longitudinal campaign effectiveness with in-flight optimization results in a 300% increase in this brand’s Ad Recall.


Client developed a new campaign utilizing a celebrity and wanted to maximize impact and effectiveness without relying on stated exposure.


We passively tracked the TV and Digital campaigns and provided KPI’s to evaluate and optimize performance.


Based on our findings, client implemented revisions to the campaign increasing the target frequency of exposure and maintaining a 30 and 15 spot at all times. Result; Ad Recall 3X over the prior quarter.